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 谷 村  秀
  T A N I M U R A   S h i g e r u   “S e r g i o”..

TANIMURA  Shigeru  "Sergio"

『Education, Experience』
1968 Born in JAPAN
1994 B.F.A. in Craft-Metal Hammering, Tokyo University of the Arts
1996 M.F.A. in Craft-Metal Hammering, Tokyo University of the Arts
1996~ Noritake Co., Limited.
Shigeru "Sergio" Tanimura has been designing and developing tabletop products for the global market. His design for professional use includes tableware in aircrafts, hotels, restaurants, among others. He has five years experience engaged in design works in New York City.
1993 Group Exhibition (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music / Tokyo)
1994 UGUIS Exhibition (BARNEYS NEW YORK / Yokohama)
     Plastic Arts Exhibition (Bank of Yokohama-H.Q. / Yokohama)
1994 Crafts - New Generation of Technique (Sumida Riverside Hall Gallery / Tokyo)
     TANKIN - Material and Forms (Gallelia Berini of Hill Gallery / Yokohama)
1996 Artist Exhibition (Denki Bunka Kaikan / Japan)
1997 Artist Exhibition (Noritake Gallery / Japan)
……..Designers (Noritake Pottery Studio / Kyoto)
2010 Designers Exhibition JIDA (JIDA Design Museum in AXIS / Tokyo)
     Design Wave 2010 in Toyama (Toyama Kenminkaikan / Japan)
2011 Japan Craft Exhibition (Marunouchi Building Hall / Tokyo)
2012 Creators・LED Design (International Design Center / Japan)
     Future life (Shinjuku Park Tower / Tokyo)
2014 CCDO Design Award (International Design Center / Japan)
     Though of the artist 2014 (GEIBUN Gallery / Japan)
2017 Arts & Music Collaborative Exhibition (Tenri Cultural Institute / New York)
House & Garden Designers Best
Japanese Modern Collection
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.11
Design Wave in Toyama (Award of KUROKI Yasuo)
Good Design Award 2010
I.D. Annual Design Review, CCDO Design Award 2013
WIDC(World Industrial Design Conference)Best Design 2019
Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA)
Japanese Society For The Science Of Design