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 谷 村  秀
  T A N I M U R A   S h i g e r u   “S e r g i o”..

JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.23:March, 2022 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.22:March, 2021 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.21:March, 2020 Japan
■ Urban Safari Vol.11:September, 2019 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.20:March, 2019 Japan
CAR STYLING Vol.20:March, 2019 Japan
AGORA (The Executive Lifestyle Magazine):March, 2019 Japan

JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.19:March, 2018 Japan
CAR STYLING Vol.12:March, 2017 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.18:March, 2017 Japan
DESIGNER’S FILE 2017:March, 2017 Japan
AIRLINE (Airline JAL / Chinaware):January, 2017 Japan
A famous store that remains in memory (Tokyo Calendar Mooks / Chinaware):October, 2016 Japan
DESIGNER’S FILE 2016:March, 2016 Japan

JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.17:March, 2016 Japan
Annual Design Review of Japanese Society for the Science of Design Vol.21:February, 2016 Japan

Lets Travel with ANA:December, 2016 Japan
AXIS Magazine (Lovable Continuous Design / S&O DESIGN) Vol.178:November, 2015 Japan
Air Travel (Airline JAL / Chinaware) Vol.14 2015 Japan
Tableware International (Chinaware):September/October, 2015 U.S.A.
AGORA (Chinaware):August, 2015 Japan
 (The Executive Lifestyle Magazine)
Casa BRUTUS Life Design Magazine (SUIMON / Chinaware) Vol.185:August, 2015 Japan
AXIS Magazine (Legitimate way of Industry-university cooperation) Vol.174:April, 2015 Japan

DESIGNER’S FILE 2015 :March, 2015 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.16:March, 2015 Japan
CREA Traveller(Airline JAL / Chinaware) No.40:January, 2015 Japan
BLAIN - separate volume (Masterpiece Collection / Chinaware)
  SUN-AD Company Limited 50th Anniversary : August, 2014 Japan

KATEIGAHO (Airline JAL,ANA / Chinaware):June, 2014 Japan
DESIGNER’S FILE 2014 :March, 2014 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.15:March, 2014 Japan
CLUTCH Magazine Vol.23 (Noritake / Tabletop):December, 2013 Japan

WARAKU (cu-mo / Chinaware):July, 2013 Japan
PAVONE (Masterpiece Collection / Chinaware):Vol.27 Spring/Summer, 2013年 Japan
 (The spirit of Elegance)
en Voyage (Chinaware):July, 2013
 (The inflight Magazine of EVA Air)
TABLEWARE TODAY (Meridian Collection / Chinaware):April-May, 2013 U.S.A.
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.14:April, 2013 Japan
Hotel Wedding (SUIMON/ Chinaware):March, 2013 Japan
DESIGNER’S FILE 2013 :February, 2013 Japan
AGORA (Chinaware):December, 2012 Japan
 (The Executive Lifestyle Magazine)

Nikkei Marketing Journal (Masterpiece Collection / Chinaware):December, 2012 Japan
AIR TRAVEL (JAL, ANA / Chinaware): September / 2012 Japan
 (El Palacio de Hierro : Everyday & Elegance Collection / Chinaware) : September, 2012 Mexico
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.13:March, 2012 Japan
DESIGNER’S FILE 2012 :February, 2012 Japan
ASAHI SHIMBUN (Masterpiece Collection / Chinaware): January, 2012 Japan
CASA STILE - Extraordinary Living
 (Everyday & Elegance Collection / Chinaware): January, 2012 Italy
KATEIGAHO (Masterpiece Collection / Chinaware):December, 2011 Japan
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.12:March, 2011 Japan
ELLE DECO (N4/ Chinaware):June, 2010 Japan
TABLEWARE TODAY  (Breeze/ Glassware):April, 2010 U.S.A.
JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.11:March, 2010 Japan
Business Class in the World (JAL, UAL/ Chinaware):July, 2009 Japan

Japanesque Modern (N4/ Chinaware): 2008年 Japan
CASA STILE (Renaissance Collection / Chinaware) : 2008 Italy
Design Living (N4/ Chinaware): Vol.3 2007年 Japan
SUKEROKU (SUIMON/ Chinaware): Vol.7 2007 Japan
BISEIKATU  (CREO/ Chinaware):June, 2006 Japan
ELLE DECO  (CREO/ Chinaware):June, 2006 Japan

The Nikkei (JAL-Seasons):November, 2005 Japan
TABLEWARE TODAY (Palais / Glassware):April, 2003 U.S.A.
DOMINA (Renaissance Collection / Chinaware):January, 2002 Italy

 (Heritage Collection / Chinaware):April, 2000 U.S.A